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Día de los Muertos very popular in Germany and France (again)

20 November 2018

On 1 and 2 November the Flower Council of Holland invited the media, influencers and the general public to celebrate Día de los Muertos: a tradition originating from Mexico with flowers in the starring role that keeps the memory of deceased loved ones alive. 

Over 2500 visitors 
For France it was the second time that the event took place. This time not one but two locations were transformed into a party setting. The first location in Comptoir General welcomed 1329 visitors, whilst the second location Stalingrad saw 350 visitors. For the German market it was the first time that the Flower Council of Holland had organised a Día de los Muertos  It proved to be a hit, since at least 889 visitors came to Hamburg. 

Take a look at the ambient images from the event in Paris on 1 November below. 

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Also online coverage at Lajoiedesfleurs.fr and Tollwasblumenmachen.de
Alongside the event, the flower-filled tradition was also highlighted in another way. There was a collaboration with VICE which used personal portraits to explore the tradition in more depth. A campaign was also launched on the consumer platforms Lajoiedesfleurs.fr and Tollwasblumenmachen.de with more background information, a DIY craft project to make your own floral wreath and tips for the traditional calavera make-up. On social media Special Día de los Muertos gifs could be used on Instagram and the content was highlighted further.   

A new floral moment
Embracing the tradition of Día de los Muertos creates a new floral moment which offers a host of opportunities for florists. 2019 will again see Día de los Muertos events in France and Germany, and possibly also in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.