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Trend Collection Spring/Summer 2021 evaluation: first results

07 June 2021

This is how the target group appreciates the campaign

In March, Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk and Thejoyofplants.co.uk  launched the Spring/Summer 2021 Trend Collection which will run until September. Qualitative consumer research on the perception and appreciation of this international campaign was performed by Motivaction, and the first results are now available. This survey was conducted amongst our target group the Aesthetic explorer in The United Kingdom, Germany, France and The Netherlands. 

Report scores
This Trend Collection campaign received an average score of 7.9, with France and the UK giving the highest score of 8. In Germany, the rating was 7.8, and the Netherlands lowered the average with a score of 6.9. 

Buying intention

We also see this distribution of scores when evaluating the intention to buy after the consumers viewed this campaign. Buying intent across countries (AE) for flowers is 65%, for houseplants 71% and for garden plants 68%. The buying intention is highest for the houseplant category in all countries.  

This research shows a particular positive influence on the buying intention in the UK: 78% of the respondents confirmed to be motivated to buy cut flowers after seeing this campaign. The buying intention for both indoor and outdoor plants was 80%. 

Across the four countries, 76% of respondents said they liked the campaign, 64% found it personally relevant, and 77% credible. An impressive 85% of those surveyed on average across the four countries said the campaign was easy to understand. Again, responses from consumers surveyed in the UK and France 'scored' the highest. 

Most of the respondents were positive about the Trend Collection campaign and rated it as good or even beautiful. Here are a few statements by those questioned that illustrate this appreciation: “It is original and colourful. I love it. It is very chic and cheerful”. "I think it's great. The advertisements clearly show off the flowers and plants to their best. They are very good ideas”. “You feel at home, relaxed, happy, satisfied - I think the campaign is very good”.

Successful in inspiring the consumer
Originally the Trend Collections were developed to generate publicity in consumer media, what we wanted to achieve by organising spectacular PR events in addition to inspiring information about the trend and the products. The past 1,5 year has forced us to shift our focus for this campaign more directly to the consumer, what we did by developing a Lookbook and inspiring the consumer more directly. These Lookbooks, combined with an extensive social media strategy and influencer cooperation, have proven successful in inspiring the consumer. We will therefore mostly keep our focus directly on the consumer for the following Trend Collections as well.

The campaign in a nutshell

The Spring/Summer Trend Collection 2021 consists of 18 flowers, houseplants and garden plants that seamlessly fit within the current fashion, interiors and lifestyle trends. Based on the 'Crazy Illusions' Horticulture Sector Trend of 2021, the collection is like a colourful fairy tale full of floral and botanical surprises. 

Do you want to participate?
Until September we will continue to inspire consumers with the beautiful products of this Trend Collection, both through social media and with our influencer collaborations. You can still use the material and product information of the Trend Collection Spring/Summer 2021 to inspire your customers as well! The overall evaluation will follow after the summer.

Any questions?
For more information about The Trend Collections, the campaign, and the evaluation, please contact UK Country Manager Chanel de Kock by cdekock@flowercouncil.co.uk.

June 2021