The Trend Collection Spring/Summer 2021

Feel like Alice in Wonderland in a hypermodern fantasy 
The second Trend Collection is ready for the catwalk! and will be launching the Spring/Summer collection in March 2021. This exceptional collection of flowers, houseplants and garden plants fits seamlessly with the trends in fashion, interiors and lifestyle. Based on the Horticulture Sector Trend ‘Crazy Illusions’, you can expect a colourful fantasy bursting with floral and botanical delights. 

Step outside the boundaries
Forget about “is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?”: the fantasy from The Trend Collection Spring/Summer 2021 focuses on innovation, pleasure, freedom and space. So goodbye tradition, and hello playful extravagance. The flowers and plants in this collection challenge you to create a new reality with their opulent, tropical and dramatic appearance. By combining them with daring shapes, distinctive materials and a bold colour palette, you can create a colour-filled fantasy. Are you ready to step outside the boundaries?

Eighteen flowers and plants 

Flowers: gerbera, lily, peony, iris, delphinium, tulip and Celosia.
Houseplants: Medinilla, Hypoestes & Fittonia, Philodendron, Bromeliad, Rhipsalis and Calla. 
Garden plants: gerbera, citrus plants, geranium and garden palms. 

The Trend Collection launch 
You can find The Trend Collection Spring/Summer 2021 on, and the associated Instagram and Facebook social media channels from March 2021. With opulent images that will instantly create that ‘I want that too’ vibe. And naturally with articles about the flowers and plants in the collection, packed with smart tips and inspirational background info about your floral and botanical fantasy figures. Here’s a taster:



The Trend Collection Spring/Summer 2021 | Moodboard
The Trend Collection Spring/Summer 2021 | Moodboard
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