2021 New Year’s greeting

We would like to wish everyone a healthy and successful New Year

The past year has been exceptional for all of us. For the Flower Council of Holland, 2020 was a year with a great deal of uncertainty and turmoil, but also opportunities. We managed to show that we were still able to launch successful campaigns despite these uncertainties with campaigns with which we could help the sector. The Let Hope Bloom campaign ensured that consumers were still thinking of flowers and plants and putting them on their shopping list during challenging times.

Review of 2020
We were also able to help the sector when there were loud calls for an extra sales-boosting occasion in the autumn. We successfully rolled out the Fill the Distance with Beauty campaign in our core countries in September in collaboration with many partners in the sector. 

We also did other things to inspire consumers and encourage them to buy flowers and plants, for themselves and for other people. We would like to share these with you in our ‘Review of 2020’. This gives you the opportunity to look back at the campaigns and results for 2020 at your leisure.

And for 2021…
Let’s hope that 2021 will offer more calm, greater certainty and new opportunities. This coming year we will again try to make the world a bit more beautiful with flowers and plants. Last October our 2021 Year Presentation provided a summary of the activities planned for 2021. The 2021 Communication Calendar is ready as well and can be found here.