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Bright and Breezy style trend

In a hardened society filled with fake news and polarisation, groups do not feel that they are being heard. There is a need for connection, equality, a shared reality, altruistic behaviour and inclusivity. After the stressful pandemic period we are looking to leaders who bring us together and take away our worries, so that we can start enjoying life again without fretting.  

Bright and Breezy | Moodboard

Bright and Breezy in the interior
We enjoy that carefree pleasure in a cheerfully coloured interior. Uncomplicated patterns with checks, stripes or pictures of fruit reinforce a festive feeling. The cherry on the cake is the joy of greenery: flowers and flowering plants bring the final touch of positive energy to this interior.    

Bright and Breezy in the outdoor space
The outdoor space is also colourful and holiday-esque, where you enjoy and relax amongst flowers and greenery. There’s no need to rake - a bit of wildness has its charm. Think of colourful borders, coloured parasols, and cheerful pick-your-own-flowers gardens as a new take on the kitchen garden. 

Product ingredients for the trend
As expected, the shapes used are cheerful and festive with a touch idiosyncrasy. That also applies to the patterns within the style trend. Ceramics, coloured glass, practical plastics, textiles, raffia and granite compositions are all materials that fit perfectly within Bright and Breezy. In other words, the materials can be natural, artisan and practical at the same time.

Bright and Breezy colour palette
The colour chart for Bright and Breezy consists of cheerful and powerful pastel tones such as pink, blue, mint green and pale orange, alternated with more vivid accents. Coral red plays a fresh and softening role, and is important for both flowers and plants. White plays a less significant role in this colour chart.


Want to find out more?
Read more about the other three 2022 Horticulture Sector Trends: Fresh Start, Traditional Sentiment and Wellness Bubble. For more information please contact Isabel Groot, Campaign Manager, at igroot@bloemenbureauholland.nl.