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Wellness Bubble style trend

We are keeping our spirits up with joie de vivre, creativity and humour. We feel our appearance is less important; we would rather invest energy in our mental health. Hobbies and amusement are given full rein, as is wellness. From this fabulous utopian world we observe the world through rose-tinted glasses.


Wellness Bubble in the interior
Ideally we would like to turn our home into a super deluxe spa resort. The combination of soft tones with transparent materials and round shapes is reminiscent of water which help us to relax. The flowers and plants have an energetic look, like the foliage of an aloe vera. Painted leaves, plumes, grasses and dried flowers are combined with fresh cut flowers. Those are sometimes also painted, creating a colour gradient, particularly in pastel shades.     

Wellness Bubble in the outside space 
In the garden you relax in a bath or mini-lake amidst exotic flowers and plants. Recliners and loungers look out on an unusual mixture of exotic plants and blooming borders. A beautiful sunset provides the inspiration for the colours used. In other words, the garden provides the ultimate escape from hectic times.

Product ingredients for the trend
Round shapes and patterns based on splashes and water patterns are at the heart of this trend. We also see faded tropical patterns in vivid colours. The materials used are: coloured glass, high gloss ceramics, reflective materials, transparent textiles, semi-transparent film, and paper, glass or plastic. We also see perforated sprayed metal, artificial leather, and woven transparent plastic.

Wellness Bubble colour palette
The colour chart consists of vivid pastels and pastel neon shades. Examples of these are shades of pink and yellow, flanked by pastel green and lilac. White is less important, and primarily provides the transparency of the overall look. The colours are often used on transparent or semi-transparent surfaces, creating a watery effect. 


Want to find out more?
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