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Fresh Start style trend

After the pandemic it feels like we’re getting a second chance, where the focus is on sustainability, climate solutions and decluttering. A new fresh start! Because many people are now working from home, there is more emphasis on the furnishing of our home and outdoor spaces.  

TREND 2022 | Fresh Start| Moodboard

Fresh Start in the interior
Fresh tidy spaces with lots of white and occasionally a pale blue and yellow accents are the hallmark of Fresh Start. Because our home now has multiple functions - like working from home, schooling, exercise, relaxation, and welcoming visitors - the interior has to be easy to transform. Room partitions and multifunctional walls are thus ideal and made of natural materials into which flowers and plants can be incorporated. Foliage plants, variegated, and air-purifying plants create a healthy indoor space and offer a fresh look, which can also be moved around easily. 

Fresh Start in the outdoor space
Outdoors, this style trend is symbolised by a clear layout with lots of white accessories and white flowering plants. There is less paving, and more biodiversity. Materials in the garden are biodegradable and bio-based as much as possible. Just like indoors, the garden/patio/balcony is acquiring multiple functions, one of which is extra living space. Fresh colour accents bring energy to the outdoor space.   

Product ingredients for the trend
The shapes are simple and sleek, and the products are multifunctional. Patterns are much less important in this trend. If there are any patterns, they are based on natural structures like marble. The materials used are bio-based, recycled or recyclable. Think leather, cotton, and cork, and of new materials like plastics made from algae and mycelium, a self-growing fungus.

Fresh Start colour palette
The basis for the colour chart in this style trend is white, combined with various naturals. The accent colours - such as shades of green, blue and red - recur in flowers and plants and highlight the multifunctionality of furniture. These colour accents are used with restraint, and are particularly used to reinforce the fresh look of the white.   


Want to find out more?
Read more about the other three 2022 Horticulture Sector Trends: Bright and Breezy, Traditional Sentiment and Wellness Bubble. For more information please contact Isabel Groot, Campaign Manager, at igroot@bloemenbureauholland.nl