Selections for Trend Collections 2021 announced

We are well ahead of the game with putting together The Trend Collections. We decide on the trends and the selection well before the start of the relevant seasons. That is why the selections for the spring/summer 2021 and autumn/winter 2021 collections are already being announced.

Spring/Summer 2021 trend and selection
The Trend Collection Spring/Summer 2021 is based on the Horticulture Sector Trend ‘Crazy Illusions’. This trend is all about pleasure, playfulness and extravagance with vivid colours and exotic shapes. The selection within this eye-catching collection is: 

Flowers Houseplants Garden plants
Gerbera Medinilla Gerbera
Lily Hypoestes & Fittonia Citrus plants
Peony Philodendron Pelargonium
Iris Bromeliad Garden palms
Delphinium Rhipsalis  
Tulip Zantedeschia  

Autumn/Winter 2021 trend and selection
The autumn/winter collection 2021 is based on the trend ‘Balance Biotope’. This Trend Collection is all about biodiversity and natural shapes and colours.

Flowers Houseplants Garden plants
Rose Begonia Grasses
Limonium Cambria Winter violas
Gloriosa  Grass-like plants                    (Acorus /Carex /Cyperus /Juncus) Chamaecyparis
Amaryllis Primula Ilex
Eryngium Spathiphyllum  
Polianthus Tuberosa Alocasia  

De Trend Collection herfst/winter 2021

Making the selection
Various aspects have been considered when making the selection, and we have thus taken the trend and the season into account, and we have a good balance between the large product groups and smaller products when making our choice. The products must also be available for at least two months within the half-year in which the trend collection will be promoted.

The next step
We are currently further refining the spring/summer collection. This collection is scheduled to be launched at the start of March 2021. We expect to be sharing the first information at the start of December 2020. The first photo-shoots have started for the autumn/winter collection, and we will be further refining this collection over the coming months as well. We will be launching The Trend Collection autumn/winter 2021 at the start of September 2021.

Further information
If you would like to find out more about The Trend Collection please contact Isabel Groot, campaign manager, at