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The Trend Collection Autumn/Winter 2022

11 September 2022


Fifth collection now available 

Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk and thejoyofplants.co.uk have been presenting The Trend Collection Autumn/Winter 2022 since 1 September. This collection is based on the Traditional Sentiment trend and consists of 16 flowers, houseplants and garden plants, featuring both familiar and less familiar products that combine beautifully and are in perfect keeping with the trend. A collection worthy of excitement!

The trend: Traditional Sentiment​ 
We’re basing The Trend Collection Autumn/Winter 2022 on the Traditional Sentiment trend, a style that reflects the trusted and familiar in an ever-changing world. Vintage and old together create something new. Nostalgic flowering plants are back in fashion, as are plant collections. In bouquets, fresh and dried flowers mingle and attract lots of attention. This collection is bursting with soft faded pastels and dark, comforting tones, not to mention retro shapes rebooted alongside patterns like checks. Ceramics, coloured cut glass, velvet, wool, webbing, dark wood and stone all feature prominently.

Flowers and plants in the collection 

The Trend Collection Autumn/Winter 2022 consists of:

  • Flowers: Anemone, Chrysanthemum, Rose, Bouvardia, Dianthus and Cymbidium.
  • Houseplants: Saintpaulia, Kalanchoe, Begonia, Fatsia, Platycerium and Maranta.
  • Garden plants: Camellia, Pinus, Helleborus and Leucothoe.

Trend Collection background
Given that consumer interests are ever-changing and trends are always in flux, Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk and Thejoyofplants.co.uk produce two Trend Collections every year that match the current trends: one collection for Spring/Summer and one for Autumn/Winter. This ensures that flowers and plants are top of mind among consumers and the media throughout the year. With a great mix of top 20 and niche products, we also spark interest in the media, resulting in even more coverage for the collection.

How we’re promoting the campaign​ 
We’re rolling out The Trend Collection in four countries. Each collection is supported by an online lookbook packed with inspirational images and quotes that reflect the feel of the collection. We also communicate through PR activities, media, influencer collaborations, shopper activations and point-of-sale material. You can find inspirational, informative content and images on Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk, Thejoyofplants.co.uk and in associated social media channels.

Download: images, posters and banners
You can download the images, posters and banners for The Autumn/Winter 2022 Trend Collection shown below free of charge and use them for your own promotions of the collection. Please include the credits #thetrendcollection, #funnyhowflowsersdothat, #thejoyofplants. 

Higher resolution images can be downloaded from our image bank.

Materials in ten languages in the Marketing Portal 
If you have a Marketing Portal account, you can download the posters and banners for The Trend Collection in ten different languages. The Marketing Portal can be accessed by our stakeholders on request. You can register for the portal via the login page.

Want to learn more?
For more information on The Trend Collection, please contact Campaign Manager Isabel Groot at igroot@bloemenbureauholland.nl

August 2022