Now, more than ever, your business is judged within seconds of visitors visiting your website or social platforms. We have a new generation of online shoppers who are influenced by a multitude of online platforms, by both big brands and strong independent trendsetters directly. Users are aspiring to a whole new concept and how they interact with the world on a daily basis, and how they want the world to perceive them. The main question is, how do you bring your brand up to date in the digital age?

At the Flower Council, we have realised that there is a need for florists to bring their businesses up to date, and therefore, we have decided to launch an 8 month programme for florists to sign up to or follow, to help improve their overall online presence.

This programme has been designed to make a difference to florists who are proactive, who follow our simple guidelines, and who are actively going to put in the effort to improve the image of their business by making it a priority. It will be a very basic programme designed to guide you with the basic information to get into the digital age, but it will be up to the florist and the time and effort they invest. We will have experts from all our internal departments at the Flower Council contributing their best advice, so be sure to look out for our updates.

We have to be clear that this is not a technical computer course, but a guiding programme with tips, suggested tools, advice, access to resources, and best practice guidelines to help you improve your overall online presence.​


We will be covering the following topics over the next 8 months:

  1. Website (February 2017)  
  2. Branding (March 2017)
  3. Content (April 2017)
  4. Social Media (May 2017)  
  5. Direct Marketing: Data, Segmentation & Newsletters (June 2017)
  6. Tools: Images, campaigns & sources (July 2017)  
  7. Events: online events & promotions (August 2017)
  8. Advertising (September 2017) 

How to improve your online presence in today's digital world.  
Click on the below links for each part of the programme:

PART 1    -      YOUR WEBSITE  -   FEBRUARY 2017   

PART 2    -      YOUR BRAND     -    MARCH 2017

PART 3    -      CONTENT            -    APRIL 2017

PART 4    -      SOCIAL MEDIA   -    MAY 2017

PART 5    -      DIRECT MARKETING   -   JUNE 2017




PLEASE NOTE: Entries for participating to win the prize has closed, but the programme is still free for all to follow.

We have put together a fantastic prize bundle to serve as an incentive that will not only add value to your business, but we feel will really turn your business around!

Bespoke Social Media and Branding training for Florists by Rona Wheeldon from Flowerona
Effective social media and distinctive branding are absolutely essential elements for growing your floristry business. And following the success of the Flowerona workshops, we’re thrilled to be offering an exclusive package with Rona Wheeldon from Flowerona for the Best Online Presence Award. There will be 2 places offered for your business and full details of this special package will be announced at FleurEx 2017's gala dinner.

Photoshoot with photographer & stylist
Half Day Shoot with Photographer Katie Spicer. A talented photographer recommended by Rona Wheeldon, including a stylist to assist you with professional imagery to use on your website to showcase your services and to use on your social platforms and improve your brand image (Up to the value of £1,500)


*Terms and Conditions Apply