Repeat of successful orchid Shopper Activation in France at E. Leclerc

An orchid shopper activation is planned at over 600 stores of the E. Leclerc supermarket chain. Just as in 2019 and 2020, consumers in those stores will find the offer of a free orchid conditioner with the purchase of an orchid between 7 and 18 December.  

A summary of the activation 
The idea behind this activation is to tempt consumers to buy an orchid. Instead of a discount, shoppers receive a gift with purchase.  In this case it is free orchid food, an ampoule containing a special formulation that encourages, strengthens, extends the flowering period and ensures that the root system is in good condition. 

To and into the storesPoster E.Leclerc
The point-of-sale communication package in store includes a poster, a moving wobbler and a plant sleeve which communicates the added-value incentive. This will highlight the promotion in-store and encourages customers to buy orchids at E. Leclerc.
The campaign has also been included in an E. Leclerc leaflet which is distributed with a print run of 16 million. This means that customers cannot miss the promotion. An advertisement on the social media channels of also shows E. Leclerc's range of orchids.

Linkup with Thanks Plants 
The French shopper activation is the final promotion in 2021 linked to the ‘Thanks Plants’ awareness campaign. This campaign can be applied widely for in-store promotions, including internationally. A few examples of shopper activations this autumn:


Collaborating parties 
The shopper activation is a collaboration between wholesaler Greenpartners, end-customer E. Leclerc, growers’ association Orchidee Nederland, and the Flower Council of Holland.

More information
If you would like to find out more about this shopper activation, please contact Fleur Fiers-Bol, Shopper Activatie Marketeer on +31 (0)6 13 13 44 22 or

December 2021