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The houseplants from The Spring/Summer 2022 Trend Collection

08 November 2021

We are moving on from a stressful period and welcoming joy, re-connection and carefree relaxation. The six houseplants in the collection can help with that: Broom, Caladium, Campanula, Bougainvillea, Scindapsus and Oxalis. 

Bright and Breezy
The new Trend Collection is inspired by the Bright and Breezy style trend. The six houseplants of this collection perfectly complement the trends in interiors, lifestyle and fashion. A selection of garden plants and flowers are added to create a beautifully curated collection. They are all colourful, eye-catching specimens that deliver a positive energy.

The promotion of the collection
Thejoyofplants.co.uk and Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk will be introducing The Spring/Summer 2022 Trend Collection on 1 March 2022. The Trend Collection is supplemented with a digital Lookbook, promoted through media, PR and inspirational content. Read more about the promotion in The Trend Collection article. To participate in this trend collection, please find the free downloadable marketing materials and images of the houseplant in this trend below. 

The six houseplants in the collection

Trend Collection SS 2022 Houseplants

This collection includes the following plants:

  • Broom - That spring feeling in a pot, that is broom, also known as Genisteae. With eye-catching yellow flowers and a light scent, this plant fits perfectly within the Bright and Breezy trend.
  • Caladium - With its sticking leaf shapes and markings in a large range of colours in red, pink or white the Caladium is instant awe and represents the lightness of the moment.
  • Campanula - Pink, white or lilac bells. Filled with optimism, and easy to live with : it’s clear to see why this plant falls within the Bright and Breezy style.
  • Bougainvillea - The abundance of colour of the plant’s spathes are often pink or purple, but also orange, white or ochre varieties exist. The Mediterranean sun within this joyful trend.  
  • Scindapsus - Scindapsus brings a wild touch to the collection with its long tendrils that climb or dangle. It is also an excellent air purifying plant, so makes both the home and office extra ‘breezy’.
  • Oxalis - The eye-catching purple or green leaves and contrasting pink or white flowers are the happy and lucky side of Bright and Breezy. The leaves and flowers do well in salads as long as it is an edible version. 

Display tips  
You can make the plants from the collection stand out even more on the shop floor by grouping them together. You could also display them in plant pots that fit with the Bright and Breezy style trend. Use ceramic, plastic or glass pots with a playful shape, and opt for fresh pastel shades.

You can download the images, posters and banners for The Spring/Summer 2022  Trend Collection of the houseplants shown below free of charge and use them for your own promotions of the collection. If you use the images on your social media, please credits #thetrendcollection, #thejoyofplants and @thejoyofplants.

Materials on the Marketing Portal
On the Marketing Portal you can download the posters and banners for The Trend Collection in ten different languages.
More on the Marketing portal.

Want to find out more?
If you want to find out more about The Trend Collection, please contact Outdoor Campaign Manager Isabel Groot at igroot@bloemenbureauholland.nl.

November 2021