2020 Horticulture Sector Trends

The Horticulture Sector Trends for 2020 have been announced. Tuinbranche Nederland, iBulb and the Flower Council of Holland have worked with trendwatcher Aafje Nijman to produce these trends. Together we have identified three style trends for the floriculture sector for the coming year.

We will use the associated press material (text and images) to encourage the media to draw consumers’ attention to flowers, plants and bulbs within these style trends. This press material is available now for editorial teams at home and abroad.

Three trends for the media and stakeholders
Editorial teams have been showing increasing interest in the trends and developments within the horticulture sector since the Horticulture Sector Trends were launched in 2015. The 2020 style trends are an ongoing response to this. The three trends are also being communicated to the horticultural participants’ members, funders and collaborating organisations. They can use them to make purchasing, product innovation and marketing decisions.

Trends based on the zeitgeist
The current zeitgeist suggests that it's time to surrender to new developments. It may sometimes cause tension and disquiet, but it primarily provides a positive and energetic boost for a new year. This new irresistible zeitgeist has an immediate effect on how we dress our home and ourselves. 

This zeitgeist has been translated into three style trends, namely:
•    Blended Cultures style trend
•    Inner Retreat style trend
•    Street Savage style trend
Downloadable 2020 trend information
If you want to make use of the latest style trends, download the trend booklet for 2020 below. This booklet contain full information about the 2020 Horticulture Sector Trends, including the zeitgeist from which these trends have sprung, detailed information about the three style trends, image material and product ingredients. 

trend bookletTrend Booklet 2020

Want to find out more?
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